Disclaimer 聲明
RainLily and Pearl Law hereby confirm in writing that the adoption of “RainLily Flag Day Stickers Illustration” in RainLily's flag design bears no commercial promotion purpose for products of Pearl Law and that RainLily and Pearl Law would not take the occasion of flag sale in public places to sell and/or promote commercial products, including but not limited to products of Pearl Law and “RainLily Flag Day Stickers Illustration”, during flag selling on flag day, and the promotion activities for flag sale in public places.
風雨蘭 及 Pearl Law 書面確定「RainLily Flag Day Stickers Illustration」於風雨蘭的旗紙設計上出現並無商業推廣 Pearl Law 產品的目的,而風雨蘭及 Pearl Law 不會利用在公眾地方進行賣旗的機會,於賣旗日及在公眾地方進行賣旗日的推廣活動中售賣及/或推廣商業產品(包括但不限於 Pearl Law 及「RainLily Flag Day Stickers Illustration」的產品)。